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If there is anything you want to play out, here is where you can do it! Just be sure to put the date and type of interaction in the subject line.

[Sept. 9th, action]


Sep. 26th, 2014 02:44 pm
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- Random Scenario Meme; antiseptic
- Road Not Taken Meme; antiseptic

Decree III

Mar. 14th, 2014 04:27 pm
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[Good morning denizens of Luceti! The Emperor of Malkuth has a wondrous announcement for you all today. Can't you tell by just how bright his face is?]

Yo! So, it's finally White Day of which I've been hearing of-- the day to be returning gifts threefold to the lovely ladies who gave you a gift on this day one month earlier from what I hear! However, as I've only heard of St. Valentines Day not to long ago, I can't say there is anyone to give back to. Per se.

And that's exactly why I've decided just now that I'll give a small gift to the community instead! Not right away, of course, but in the future I would like to hold a tournament for the restless warrior souls and unfortunately bored seekers of entertainment. Any thoughts, opinions, opening acts [he stops to chuckle as that one is possibly a joke, possibly not] or volunteers to help out!?

(OOC: First IC part of the Tournament plot! Your character doesn't have to tag in, but to confirm interest in signing up as a competitor, comment here.)

Action @ House One )

Decree II

Dec. 3rd, 2013 12:27 am
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Action for House One )

[As the video comes on, there is one big ecstatic smile on the Emperor.]

Greetings, Luceti! I have an exciting event to share with you all~ [He moves off screen for a moment, but when he comes back, he's holding up a rappig with a blue collar.]

See, we have this little new arrival today. So, please give a warm welcome to my cute little Jade!! ♥ He's an Sylph-Redecan'arius, likes long walks in the park, especially fond of carrots - and seeking new friends, so put in your pet play date requests now! ...And, in the off chance you should find him running around outside, please return him to house one. I'll be sure to reward you. Thanks~!

Oh, and Gailarda? I'm counting on you to report to work tomorrow. Can't have my little Jade growing grossly overweight from staying inside all day.

Decree I

Sep. 20th, 2013 07:29 pm
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[Though the village is small and some days even boring, Peony has slowly come into a routine of his own over the last one month and a half. So, today like the days before, he opts to walk around and explore for something new to do rather than staying inside and communicating over the journal a lot. Because why should one talk to people over a magical book device when they can still do it face to face, anyway? There is plenty of things to do if he puts his mind to it after all.

With the last few days being noticeable colder, Peony decides to stop by the clothes shop to pick over the warmer items for autumn now that the season is only around the corner. Inside, however, he'll find the clothes are already picked over by newer feathers than he or left laying around the place.

Still undeterred by the mess, though, he goes about sorting through the chaos with an "organized" system of his own: three piles, each strategically placed next to each other on the counter where everyone can certainly see from outside. He continues to shop this way and add to the piles without a care.


Between then and noon, though, he can be found casually strolling around, namely into such other places like: House one, to drop off things; the items shop for a look see; the weapons shop because there's a sword collection he would like to start up again; and the playground where he can relax and swing to burn time. He's certainly not too old for it. Nope.

After lunch, Peony is standing in the bakery with the ultimate face of indecision. Or what appears to be pretty darn close to it. He has a very hard choice to make, you see - the choice to what was going to be his extra helping of dessert from everything there was. Strawberry pastries, lemon cupcakes, banana bread, certain other baked goods that were as just mysterious in origin to him as he could imagine them being tasty, the choices were endless.

Anyone care to help a poor man satisfy his sweet tooth? He looks like he could very much use a recommendation to get him to finally pick something. Or if you're not the talkative type, he may turn to you and inquire about a food he's never seen before.


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